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What to quilt now??

As I mentioned in my post last Friday……

…..I was struggling with deciding how to quilt the four corners of my Color Wheel quilt…..

This was one of those situations where I didn’t think about the quilting when I designed the corner, but MAN do I wish that I had!!

The problem is that each “column” of circles is a different length, width, and a slightly different angle!!

I had hoped to add some more loopy meander to them because that is the easiest way to hide times when my circles weren’t perfect (just being truthful).

But that just wasn’t going to work!!

I knew that I could continue quilting straight lines, but that was going to be boring…..both to me as I quilted AND to the viewing public!!


I pulled out a practice piece and started quilting 1/2-inch strips but trying different filler designs inside each strip…..

The first idea of pebbles was a BIG no!!

It was WAY too easy to get outside of the lines!

These two designs had some promise……

I wasn’t happy with the lack of evenness in the Wishbone (right), and simply didn’t want to put the amount of time into quilting the Ribbon Candy

I briefly played with these three……

But they were DEFINITE NO’S!!!

I quilted this curve…..

…and thought that it had promise, but what happens when I quilt two together…..

OKAY….maybe not!!!

THEN I had the idea of using the gentle curve to REPLACE one of the straight lines rather than add even more quilting……

OKAY…..that works!!!

I am hoping that, when washed, this will provide some gentle texture to those four corners.

Now back to quilting!!!

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