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A Sashiko sewing machine??

This past weekend I was judging quilts at the Georgia National Fair. I look forward to giving you the inside scoop about this judging process but I can’t do it until after the fair starts in October.

So….stay tuned….

But I digressed…..

On Monday morning, I was listening to a podcast before I headed to the pavilion. In it, the quilter talked about a new Baby Lock machine that does Sashiko….

Its price is close to $US3,000, so you would need to be planning a LOT of sashiko quilting before you purchase it.

Maybe I should back up a bit here….

Sashiko stitching is a type of Japanese embroidery that is often used as a decorative quilting design.

It is normally done by hand and gives a very clean-looking stitch….

Instructions for this project can be found at “Sew So Easy”

Now you know WHAT it is, maybe I should get to the point of this story!!

As we were judging one of the quilts, I was looking at the amazing Sashiko quilting…..

Then I turned it over to look at the back…..

Wait a minute……this doesn’t compute!!

Oh….maybe this is done by machine???

I was happy to have learned about the machine so that I could properly judge the quilt, but MAN is it a pretty stitch!!

Maybe a bunch of us should get together and buy a machine that we can share….any takers???

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Thank you…….

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