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From Boring to Beautiful!

If you have been following “Free Motion Friday” for this past year, you know that I have been playing with grid quilting. I started with basic square grids and moved to big circles, and the latest have been small circles in a square design.

If you have missed any of these, please check out my YouTube Playlist……

So, this week I have been thinking about ways to design my own “grids” using tools that I already have.

My first thought was using one of the Westalee Spin-E-Fex rulers and I pulled out the simplest of all of the rulers…..

….the Westalee Spin-E-Fex #4.

At its simplest, it makes this shape……

I know….pretty boring.

If the shape is repeated four times, it makes these shapes…..

Also, nothing to get excited about!!

But, what if I combine those shapes….maybe like this…..

That has promise for a 6″ block!!

What if I add loops on each side…..

It looks even better when you turn it 45 degrees……

NOW….what if I add more “loops” to the corners…..

That is okay, but not my favorite.

How about if I add 3 loops to the corner but have two of them going a different direction?

Oh WOW…..I really like that one!!

I like that it gives the illusion of having two circles around the outside. If you can’t see it, just squint!!

Now the question is…..can I quilt it??

I like that it will only require four guidelines, but I will definitely have to be VERY INTENTIONAL in my practice to make sure that the points end up where they are supposed to!!!

Come back tomorrow and I will stitch this out for the first time…..ON CAMERA!!


As I proofread this post, I realized that I have drifted from my original “grid quilting” design but sometimes you just have to go where the creativity takes you!!

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