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How will I quilt it???

Yesterday I posted about picking and marking the quilting design for the MQG fabric challenge.

But, there were still a few decisions to make, so I wanted to practice first!! I drew off the basic design on some waste muslin…..

….and sat down at the machine.

My first decision was what to quilt in the rim around the outside. I want to fill it in with some design and there are TOO many to choose from!!

My first thought was straight lines…..

But I am going to add a lot of straight-line stitching in the background and am concerned that it may be TOO many lines!!

Next, I tried circles but they will be too hard to keep even…..

How about some loops or zig-zags….

Maybe “ribbon candy”??

….but definitely NOT Wishbones…..

After all of my tries, I am still not sure…..

…although I am leaning toward the ribbon candy. BUT, as I look at this photo, I am drawn to the “arrow” design at the upper left!!

Next, I started quilting the arcs, including trying to give the lines a little more weight…..

After a while, I decided to forget the circles…..

….and then I decided that I might double the arcs to fill it in more….

IF I have time, I might add some beads to each of the intersections, although that will be 140+ beads…..do I have time for that???

I pulled out my bead collection……

…..and picked some colors that work with the fabrics…..

I tried attaching them (without the stitching showing on the back)…..

OKAY….I think that this might work!!!

My final thought is to add a circle of fabric to the center of the web. That way I won’t have to worry as much about where the lines intersect in the center. I would applique it AFTER I do the quilting…..

…..and maybe a few beads on top of it…..we will see!!!

So I think that I have done as much practice as I can so it is time to start quilting!!!

But before I can do ANYTHING, I have to clean a bit…..

Join me tomorrow!!



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4 thoughts on “How will I quilt it???

  1. Afternoon! I agree with you, the arrow design for the outer ring of the Dreamcatcher is the most promising…awaiting tomorrow!!

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