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Challenge continued…..

Last Sunday I shared the final piecing process for the MQG fabric challenge quilt……

Now it was time to think further about the quilting.

I plan to quilt a Dream Catcher and some feathers in the negative space. My original idea was to free-form the Dream Catcher, but then I started looking at pictures that I had downloaded and came across this one…..

I wouldn’t use the extra small one, but I liked the design on the main one and the feathers.

Next step was to enlarge it to a size that would work with the piece…..

To further test the design, I drew it out on “Quilters Preview Paper” (product review next Tuesday)…..

…..and then used a lightbox……

….to trace it onto the top……

Before I start quilting, I want to do some practicing…….

Come back tomorrow and join me!!!



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