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It needs to be bigger!!

Yesterday I thought that I had finished my piecing on the challenge quilt…..

so I started playing around with ideas for quilting……

After a few attempts, I realized that it was too short to accommodate the dream catcher and feathers that I wanted to add…..

AND, since this is a fabric challenge, I should probably include a bit MORE of the fabric…..


I started piecing again!!

I am trying to be SUPER precise with the piecing. It is a simple pattern and there isn’t much of it, so I need to ensure that the points are all perfect!!

Even to the point that I re-did this point….

After I added two more block sets to the strip, it was time to add the background fabrics…..

I am not sure exactly what size I want the background to be so I went for “too big”, knowing that I can trim it down after I make the final decision.

Once again, I was very careful with the points, especially when they looked like this…..

After I added each side of the background, I followed these steps…..

Spritz the seam with water……

Lightly iron the seam to loosen up the threads…..

Use my fingers to press the seam in place……

And finally press it again with the iron…..

This is how it looks right now…..

….but my expectation is that it will finish somewhere around this size…..

NOW I can get back to planning the quilting!!!


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