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Let’s piece it…..

Yesterday I showed you my lazy-girl mock-up.

Now it was time to actually piece the squares!!

Since I was going to be working with smaller pieces of fabric, I decided that I would starch them before cutting. I like to use Magic Sizing, spraying the piece liberally and then ironing dry.

It made the fabric much stiffer and I think that it did help with the cutting and piecing!!

I started piecing the various sections…..

…..adding one strip at a time…..

Then I moved to the background sets…..

Before long I was ready to put the two sections together…..

In my original mock-up, I used a blue small square in the center…..

….but I had the thought that a red/maroon one might be better…..

I was right!!!

Once I had all of the squares made, it was time to add the background triangles……

One of my big concerns was that the threads from the color fabrics would shadow through the light-colored background fabric…..

To combat this, I did some extra trimming after each seam was sewed.

First I pulled back the seam allowance…..

….and trimmed the offending fabrics/threads off…..

Now I don’t have to worry about shadowing!!!

So here is my basic design…..

Next step is to decide if I need to add more squares….or maybe two “half-squares” on each end.

I think that I will plan the quilting next to see what other piecing I need to add.

Come back tomorrow for the planning process!!!


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2 thoughts on “Let’s piece it…..

  1. I am REALLY liking these blocks! Although small, they pack a beautiful punch!! Anxiously awaiting tomorrow…

    1. Thanks Carolyn. I knew that I didn’t have a lot of time to finish the quilt so went for simple!! I like the word punchy…. hopefully that is how it turns out!!

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