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Lazy Mock-up

Yesterday I shared my initial thoughts for the upcoming MQG Fabric Challenge.

Now it was time to make some decisions….. and it was the day before we were leaving on a 7-day overseas trip!! The bags were packed and ready to roll, the house was cleaned up, my studio was immaculate, and I had time on my hands.

Like any good quilter, I started a new project!!

I wanted to make a mock-up of my ideas to see if they would work, but I didn’t want to sew!!

Glue sticks to the rescue!!!

I pulled one piece of the background fabric and drew a line from top to bottom to allow positioning of the pieces…..

I started cutting out each of the fabric pieces, dotting a little glue on the back, and sticking it to the background…..

In a short time, I had this set glued together……

Now I got lazy!!

Instead of making even more glued designs, I took the original to my photocopier……

….and quickly had a bunch to play with……

I now moved to the paper versions and “pieced” them together to give the full design…..

I then pulled a larger piece of background fabric and pinned the paper mock-up to it……

I wasn’t sure that I wanted the extra strips, so I pinned them on.

With this in mind, I headed out on my trip, still thinking about it as I toured around the wilds of Sweden!!

I also had an ulterior motive for making the mock-up before I left…. I wanted to play with quilting designs using Procreate on my iPad. These are two of the ideas that I hatched……

I really like the thought of using a Dreamcatcher in the quilting…..but more about that coming up!!!

This project is well on its way!!!

How do you mock-up your future quilts?



If you have an interest in ruler quilting, check out this online course…..

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