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Another challenge…

The next project that I need to work on is the MQG (Modern Quilt Guild) Fabric Challenge. I have shown you these fabrics before……

….and I was really excited about using them in a quilt.

I knew that I wouldn’t have much time to work on this quilt before the entry deadline of October 31st, so I decided to keep it reasonably small.

As I looked at the colors, I kept thinking about Seminole patchwork, so I immediately grabbed my book…..

I once made men’s ties for Christmas gifts and used a Seminole strip at an angle across each one. I sure wish that I had photos of those!!!!

I also called my friend Phyllis and asked for her resources. She had lived in Florida (where the Seminole Indians lived) for many years and she KNEW her Seminole Patchwork. She showed up with a slew of other resources……

….. and I happily started looking for designs.

Of course, now I can’t find the block that inspired this design…..I know that it is in one of those books, but this is what I started playing with……

And yes, I took photos of the fabric and scanned them into Electric Quilt 8 so that I could get a better idea of how it would look.

I put it on point and added another block with some strips and came up with this quilt……

Ignore the color gradation in the background blocks. That was from the photo that I used!!

I knew that I didn’t want to make THAT many blocks so I needed another way to test my design.

Come back tomorrow and I will show you my super-quick, no-sew drafting idea.



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Thank you…….

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