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Feather Practice

I know when you read this, you will think of a particular type of feather….something like this…..

But this time I am talking about a feather that would be attached to a Dreamcatcher!!

Here’s the story…..

I had planned to have three feathers hang from the quilted Dreamcatcher on my latest quilt…..

I was happy with the feather design that I had found until I saw THIS one…..

Now these plain old feathers just didn’t seem special enough……

What to do????

I started looking for other feather designs and came upon these two……

I liked both of them but was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to do the big one justice.

So it was time to do some practice….



I was happy with the fancy feather but still wasn’t convinced that I could do justice to it on the actual quilt.

Interestingly, editing this video and watching myself do the quilting convinced me that I COULD DO IT!!

AND…..spoiler alert….. I DID IT!!!

The straight lines did not turn out as well as I hoped….but come back tomorrow for that saga!!


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