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Fixing the OOPPS!!

When I left you yesterday, I had finished all of the quilting on my MQG Fabric Challenge…..

But, when it came time to square the quilt up, I realized that I had messed up much of the straight-line quilting on the right-hand side of the quilt. I was so frustrated, I didn’t even take a photo to show you!!

The middle section was okay, but the top and bottom were definitely slanted!!


Of course, the answer is to pull out the seam ripper and start clipping threads!!!

I started with the top section, removing about 12 inches of quilting. Once it was out, I sprayed it liberally with water……

….and let it sit overnight to dry.

The following day, it looked like this…..

So, I ironed it in place again and added some guidelines…..

Now it was easy to ensure that the quilted lines were staying straight…..as long as they lined up with the drawn lines then I was good!!

Once I saw that the top section had worked well, I repeated the process on the bottom section.

But then a new problem arose. The thread spool was getting low and I REALLY didn’t want to change threads in the quilting.

As I quilted each line, I looked up to see how much thread was left. The final tally…..

YIKES….that was cutting it close!!!

Okay….now it is quilted, squared-up, and ready for finishing…..

OR IS IT????

Yes, you guessed it….. I had one more issue!!

Come back tomorrow!!


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