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More ripping!!!

Yes, I know that yesterday I said that I was through ripping…..but then I started doing the finishing work on the quilt and things fell apart quickly!!

My first plan was to face the quilt, thinking that it would be good to NOT have a “stopping point” for the edges.

BUT, as I worked thru the hand sewing, I found two problems.

The first thing that I noticed is that, while squaring, I had miss-cut the top edge, meaning that there was no way to get a point up there……

The bottom looked great, but that almost made the top more noticeable!!

I also felt that the facing wasn’t doing a good job at containing the quilt. It seemed to trail off into nowhere!!

So, with much frustration, I picked out the handwork……

….and started over!!

I would have loved to trim the top and bottom so that the quilt would end at the side points of the square, but then I would have cut off the bottom of the feather!!

I was NOT going to let that happen!!

Instead, I decided to trim it at 3/4-inch from those points so that both the top and bottom would be the same.

Since I decided to switch to binding, the next question was “Which Fabric”??

My thought was to use the background fabric, but when I told my friend Marnie of my choice, she looked at me and slowly shook her head. And guess what……


I picked the last unused challenge fabric…..

…..and used it to bind the quilt.

I love the woven look of this fabric, but sadly, it did ravel a lot.

So here is the finished project…..

OR IS IT????

I have one more thing that I want to add…..

More to come!!


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3 thoughts on “More ripping!!!

  1. The “almost finished” project is absolutely beautiful. I have enjoyed watching it become a masterpiece. Can’t wait to see finished version.

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