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Houston Livestock Show Winners

Fairs are BIG business in Texas and the quilt competition is always fierce!!

These quilts were the winners at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, and they were so much fun!!

There was so much to see on this first one…..

“Cowgirls Are Women” by Peggy Baldwin-Clayton, quilted by Lisa Patterson

….and I spent several minutes taking it all in. Look at the earnings…..

…..and I love this quote….

This next quilt made me happy. I made a strip quilt in this basic design, but adding the black outside strips changes the look entirely!!

“Strip Happy” by Julie Mercer, quilted by Marleigh Gerdes

I know that this pattern from Laura Heine is everywhere these days, but I love seeing the quilts anyway!!! It reminds me of my Dad and his love of his cows!!!

“Paycheck the Cow” by Marcia Henry

This next quilt is cute but I REALLY love the title….a take on a George Strait song “Amarillo by Morning”. AND, since I lived in the Texas Panhandle (pretty close to Amarillo), it scratches another itch for me……

“Armadillo by Morning” by Mark Hamilton, quilted by LaDonyce Hamilton

I have a thing about quilts that are all straight lines, but appear curvy and this is a great example of that phenomenon…..

“Antelope Canyon” by Cathy Tullos

Another reminder of home was this quilt showcasing barns. Of course, my Dad’s barn never looked this good!…….

“Barn Fever” by Rhonda Lawton, quilted by Kathy Lloyd

This reminds me of several door windows that we have seen while visiting in England. Regardless of that memory, it would be a fun quilt to make!!

“Cottage Window” by Samantha Krebsbach

This next one is a simple design but the quilting makes it so interesting….

“Something Blue” by Cristina Kubicki Curtis

I had to show this quilt because I know that my Mom would have loved it……

“Broken Star” by Linda Parrish

The “Broken Star” quilt that she made was one of her favorites!!!

I hope that you enjoyed these few “Texas” quilts.

Come back tomorrow and we will enjoy some of the floral quilts of the “In Full Bloom” exhibit.


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2 thoughts on “Houston Livestock Show Winners

  1. I didn’t make it to IQF this year. Thank you for taking the time to take the pictures, organize them and post, in such a delightful manner. This is so spectacular. Grateful for your time and talent to help us see your favorites of the show. All your postings have made me smile and no longer pouting about not getting to go to Houston

    1. You are very welcome Glenda. I am enjoying working thru the quilts again as I write the posts. There just isn’t enough time to read the statements when you are there.

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