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Hands All Around

The definition of the “Hands All Around” category has always confused me a bit….

…..but I did like several of the quilts that were displayed!!

This quilt is made out of bits and pieces left from jeans that were used in another quilt……

“Boys Jeans” by Susan Santos

This quilt represents Taiwan’s traditional folk beliefs.

“Belief” by Pei Ying Li

This is an unusual collage-style quilt because it has a lot of quilting on it!!

Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry always finds ways to show off her quilting and this is no exception. She designed the quilt in Corel Draw and then had it printed at Spoonflower……

“Zigzags & Circles #4” by Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry

The attention to detail in this collage quilt was equally amazing….

“To Pray” by Hsi-Chen Hsu

This next quilt was so striking and I was immediately drawn to it……

“Face The World” by Nate Robbins

The beard shows a remarkable use of fabrics…..

This final one was my favorite in the category…..

“Au Pays Des Geishas” by Caterhine Cerre, quilted by Brigitte Dumaine

It is such a fun quilt and there are so many details to enjoy…..

The category was a mixed bag but provided more opportunities to ogle BEAUTIFUL quilts!!!

Tomorrow we are going to look at some quilts from my home state of TEXAS…..stay tuned!!


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