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Handmade at the International Quilt Festival

I am always captivated with the handmade quilts, even though you will NEVER see me making one!! My Mom hand-pieceed and quilted and I have a great appreciation for that work!!

This was the First-Place winner……

“Flowers In Bloom” by Ayako Kawakami

….and the detail was incredible!!

….down to the edging….

The second place quilt was…..

“Flower Calendar” by Sachiko Chiba

…and the quilting is outstanding!!

This was Third Place….

“Reflection in Blue” by Eriko Kubo

In her Artist’s Statement, she talks about the tranquility of the Cold Blues and Whites….what a great description.

This next quilt is stunning…..

“Smile For You” by Keiko Minami

…but look at the dazzling quilting…..

This quilt made me feel like I was in the tropics…..

“One Calm Day” by Shigeko Haruki with 6 friends

I originally thought that this quilt had incorporated doilies, but then realized that each of those motifs were embroidered and quilted……

“Heart & Soul” by Jackie Perry

This quilt appealed on many levels……

“Autumn Swag” by Linda Roy

The colors are so satisfying and, of course, the quilting was crazy…..

Remember….this is all HAND QUILTING!!!

Finally, there was this sampler quilt…..

“Assorted Miniatures” by Sue Sherman

But would you be surprised to learn that it is about the size of my hand…..

All I could say was “OH MY”!!!

Come back tomorrow for the “Hands All Round” exhibit!!


If you don’t want to miss my personal tour of the International Quilt Festival, be sure to subscribe…….

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