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Contemporary Painted Florals

We walked through this exhibit a couple of times without much interest but once we REALLY started looking at the quilts, we were enamored!!

She had several different styles of quilts, starting with whole-cloth painted designs…..

“Blue Anemone” by Andrea Brokenshire

that were magnificently quilted and embellished…..

These quilts have a very realistic appearance…..

“Passiflora – Find Joy, Live Your Passion” by Andrea Brokenshire

Since I grew up in West Texas, I appreciated this cactus…..

“Desert in Spring” by Andrea Brokenshire

Just look a the details in the quilting…..

BUT, she didn’t JUST do Whole-Cloth painted designs!! On some, she added a three-dimensional background made of fabric snippets…..

“Dazzling Dalhia” by Andrea Brokenshire

Doesn’t the background add SO much depth to the piece!!

For these quilts, she paints each of petals and appliques them to the background before adding the magnificent quilting…..

Of course, I LOVED the sunflowers…..

“Three’s Company” by Andrea Brokenshire

We listened to Andrea talk about her process and found her to be personable and willing to share her skill. Here she is talking about the way she placed the snippet backgrounds….

Now that you have heard how she did it, take a good look at the background……

“Dogwood – The Promise” by Andrea Brokenshire

NOW….and only now….. I can see the subtle changes in color in the background. It adds so much to the quilt!!

And you can see the gradations that she talks about in this piece…..

“X-Caret: Orchid Blossoms I” by Andrea Brokenshire

It was a wonderful exhibit and I am so glad that we finally realized the extreme creativity displayed in it!!

Tomorrow we will look at the Handmade category…..be sure to come back!!!


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