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Comes In All Colors

One of the fun exhibits at the International Quilt Festival was “Comes In All Colors” by Lorraine Turner.

Her animal portraits were amazing and were, as advertised, in all colors!!!

“Heartsong” by Lorraine Turner

She said that the horse’s mane was stitched one thread at a time…..

One of the hallmarks of her quilts is the use of “other” fabrics, such as doilies and felted wool!!

“Mother Wolf” by Lorraine Turner

Just look at the way she used the doilies in these cute penguins…..

“From The Bottom of Our Hearts” by Lorraine Turner

…..and the use of interesting fabrics in this one…..

“Rise & Shine” by Lorraine Turner

This next one made wonderful use of wool roving and felting…..

“Everglades Evermore” by Lorraine Turner

That background is gorgeous!!

My favorite quilt in the exhibit was this one…..

“Tanzanian Tango” by Lorraine Turner

She included fun “dots” of color in the Zebras…..

……excellent embroidery….

…..wonderful machine threadwork….

….and, of course……lace……

It was a fun exhibit to view and I came away with lots of ideas!!!

Tomorrow we will move from fauna to flora….. come back for more!!


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