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Saving the Monarchs!!

Continuing our tour of the 2023 International Quilt Festival, let’s have a gaze at the Cherrywood Fabrics “Monarch Challenge”.

It was a HUGE exhibit with this being one of THREE walls of quilts…..

Now, before we go further, I have to say that this was a difficult exhibit to view. I was keenly aware that my quilt had NOT been selected for the exhibit and, honestly, it stung a bit!!

Regardless of that disappointment, the quilts were amazing. Here are a few of my favorites.

This first one was awarded the First-Place ribbon…..

I loved the piecing in this one…..

….and the applique here…..

This one was a fun take on the name “Monarch” with it being written in an “inkblot” style…..

Since I love daisies, it is no surprise that this one was also a favorite…..

I liked the name of this one…..”Dots & Stripes”…..

For all of the “Frida” fans, there was this one…..

Now….what did I learn from this exhibit…..

Several quilts were similar in design to mine, which tells me that I needed to be MORE creative in the design of future challenges!!

I purchased the fabrics for the 2024 challenge…..Poppies…..

These are luscious colors and I am already trying to think of interesting AND DIFFERENT ways to meet the theme!!!

Congratulations to ALL who were accepted in the exhibit!!

Come back tomorrow and we will check out another special exhibition!!


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