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Celebrating Life at IQF

The “Celebration of Life” Exhibit was a favorite for one reason……

My friend Rosie had a quilt in it!!!

Here she is with her quilt, “Sisters”……

“Sisters” by Rosell Crockett

This is a wonderful quilt and exhibits Rosie’s creative abilities. Just look at this thread-painting…..

It was such fun to see her answering questions from her fans…..

There were several other wonderful quilts in the exhibit…..

“As Time Goes By” by Karen Hewer

I enjoyed the colors in this next quilt and the maker said that she decided to make her own colorful flowers to help get through a particularly bleak winter.

“Sunset Blossom” by Ivy Jensen

I especially like the hand-dyed background!!

This next quilt had so many fun touches…..

“Ode To Ginny: Look Out World, Here She Comes” by MaryLynne Izzo

Just look at these embroidered flowers…..

“Skipgen Travel and Downshifting In Countryside” by Ami Lee

I love the “life scene” displayed in this quilt where grandparents are walking with their granddaughter…..

Look at the dimension achieved in this quilt…..

“Nature In Colors” by Alessandra Volker

You feel as if the butterfly is about to fly away!!!

Finally, this portrait quilt caught my eye……

“Waiting For A Cup of Coffee” by Yu-Ting Lin

It is based on a photo of the maker’s son. What a sweet thing!!!

Come back tomorrow as we tackle the Cherrywood “Monarch” Challenge….


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