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More Color Celebration

Yesterday I posted about seven of my favorite quilts from the “Celebration of Color” exhibit at the International Quilt Festival.

Today let’s look at seven more!!

About 20 years ago I had the pleasure of taking a two-day Machine Quilting workshop with Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry. During that workshop, I developed a great appreciation for her work. This was one of her quilts…..

“Aquarium #3” by Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry

And true to form, her quilting was impecible…..

This quilt is another from Hsu Hsi-Chen (see yesterday for another of hers)……

“A Road Leading to Home” by Hsu Hsi-Chen

Just look at the light coming out of that quilt!!

The maker of this quilt said that she started with the outside corners and worked her way in……

“Art Deco Diner” by Mindy Brown

It is a fun example of improvisational piecing!!

This next quilt has SO many different techniques…..

“Connecting the Dots” by Cathy Sperry

Just look at some of the details…..

I love quilts that use hombre fabrics effectively and this next quilter certainly did that…..

“Murphy’s Monster” by Linda Fleschner

She named it “Murphy’s Monster” because she felt everything that COULD go wrong, DID go wrong!! Regardless, it is a gorgeous quilt!!

Most of the quilts in this exhibit were a conflagration of colors, so it was fun to see a monochromatic one…..

“Turn The Dial” by Kathy York

The last quilt that I want to share won the “Best of Show” award in the Celebration of Color Exhibit…..

“Joy” by Cole Whitaker

It is an amazingly well pieced quilt and I appreciated the quilting……

So….there you have my favorites from the “Celebration of Color” exhibit.

Tomorrow we look at another “Celebration” exhibit….. be sure and come back!!


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