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Let’s Celebrate Color!!

The “Celebration of Color” exhibit is one of my highly anticipated exhibits at the International Quilt Festival and this year was no exception. Here are some of my favorites…..

This quilt was displayed along one of the walkways and I stopped and stared every time that I walked past…..

“Inner Cube” by Jodi Murphy & quilted by Teresa Silva

The use of the strips and dots made this quilt sparkle!!

You can probably guess why this next quilt appealed to me…..

“Corona Wedding Dish” by Ben Darby

I love the piecing, but WHAT a great way to practice quilting patterns…..

I have always liked quilts with vases on them and this one was perfect…..

“Vases” by Maggie Vanderweit

The straight-line quilting adds a lot of texture without interfering with the design…..

This next quilt had so much movement……

“Take the Stairs” by Charles Cameron, quilted by Carrie Hauser

This is the Artist’s statement….

As in previous years, there is a group of quilters (from New Taipei City, Taiwan) who specialize in collage-style quilts. They are marked by an amazing attention to detail, and being covered with Tulle before quilting.

“Dyeing Party” by Hsu Hsi-Chen

I don’t remember seeing “snippet” applique in their previous quilts, but it certainly worked well for the background trees…..

The applique and the quilting were perfect on this quilt…..

“Spring Explosion” by Sharon Engel

The final quilt for today’s post is……

“Geodots” by Rebecca Belaas

This quilt uses some of the same fabrics as the vase quilt above and it is interesting to see how different the quilts are….even with the same fabrics!!

Once again, there is some amazing quilting in this piece……

Well, that is half of my favorites from this exhibit.

Come back tomorrow for the other half!!


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3 thoughts on “Let’s Celebrate Color!!

  1. Hi Kathleen, I just saw my quilt, Spring Explosion, on your blog!! It was fun to enter an “older” quilt in an exhibit. I very much enjoy your blog.

    Thanks, Sharon in Colorado

    1. Hi Sharon. Congratulations on being accepted in the show. Your quilt was BEAUTIFUL!!! I can’t do hand applique so anytime I see it, I am completely in awe!! AND….the quilting was magnificent. Thanks for reaching out and telling me that it was yours!!

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