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A Little Red, A Little White!!

One of the special exhibits included the quilts from O.V. Brantley, a quilter from the Atlanta area.

The exhibit itself was gorgeous….

….with bright red and white displayed EVERYWHERE!!

This Millefiori quilt is SO well done…..

“A Star Among Stars” – Pieced by O V Brantley, Quilted by Maxine Moore

I love the one medallion that is more white than red. It balances out the other designs well.

I also like the angels that circle the design…..

This quilt was pieced from a Judy Niemeyer pattern…..

“Star of Mu” Pieced by O.V. Brantley, Quilted by Janece Risty

There is so much JOY displayed in this next quilt…..

“Praise Team Praising” by O V Brantley

This quilt was very simple in design but so effective in red and white…..

I was intrigued by the small quilts that hung with each of the big quilts…..

This was her reasoning for these little quilts…..

How nice is that???

The maker was standing with her quilts and someone asked about washing them. This was her answer…..

O V Brantley talks about washing RED quilts

Come back tomorrow and we will get started on one of my favorite exhibits…..the “Celebration of Color”!!! I imagine that it will take more than one day!!!


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