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Award Winners from Texas

The “Award-Winning Texas Quilts” was an exhibit sponsored by Accuquilt. It was a showcase of works by current members of Texas quilt guilds. Any quilt that won an award was eligible.

There were many more quilts in this exhibit but here are my favorites…..

“Regenerate” by Laura Bryant

This has overtones of what I learned in a Ricky Tims lecture. I love the curves and (you guessed it) the quilting!!

This next quilt is an imaginative way to use up orphan blocks……

I am sorry that I don’t have the maker’s name for this one. IF you know the quilt, please provide the information so that I can add it to this post!!

This next quilt was one of my favorites in the entire show…..

“Red Barn Round Robin” by Ellen Happe Phillips

Ellen and her 7 friends produced a marvleous quilt top and Ellen did a wonderful job with the quilting…..

This quilt is a simple pattern but it appealed to me…..

“Tom Petty” by Melissa Tweedel

Finally, I recently saw a You-Tube video about making a kaleidscope quilt using panels and this is a prime example of that technique…..

“Bluebonnet Splendor” by Judy Beskow

This is the panel that was used…..

….and here is the link for the instructional video…..


Tomorrow we will tackle a wealth of Red & White Quilts and an interview with their maker as she talks about WASHING those quilts!!


If you don’t want to miss my personal tour of the International Quilt Festival, be sure to subscribe…….

2 thoughts on “Award Winners from Texas

    1. I had been intrigued by the technique when I watched the YouTube video and had been thinking about it a lot. It was so fun to see a quilt that was made that way!!

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