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Several special exhibits were eye-catching and the “Athletes” was one of them.

Before we look at the individual quilts, let’s hear Ann Houle talk about them…..

Each of these quilts has so much movement and they were a joy to view.

Several had the same landscape format which was very effective……

“Canoeists on Lake Placid” by Ann Houle
“Charging The Net” by Anne Houle
“Fencers” by Ann Houle

This one reminded me of a foggy day in the Northwest……

“Time Trial Cyclist” by Ann Houle

You can FEEL his pain as he climbs the hills!!

This quilt was inspired by photos from the parents of this young climber…..

“Climber” by Ann Houle

Ann notes that she spent a lot of time getting the tools of the trade correct!!

I found this quilt interesting…..

“Gymnast Pyramid” by Ann Houle

….because she changed her quilting and included some non-linear quilting….

It was very effective to have the sky quilted this way!!

The background on this one looks like the running lanes….

“Four Runners” by Ann Houle

And, the motion depicted in this next one is perfect…..

“Strike One” by Ann Houle

Finally, this was probably my favorite of all of them…..

“Multiple Cyclists” by Ann Houle

I found this entire exhibit to be outstanding and I am truly impressed with Ann’s work and so appreciate her speaking with me!!

Come back tomorrow….we will be checking out some award-winning quilts from my home state of Texas!!


If you don’t want to miss my personal tour of the International Quilt Festival, be sure to subscribe…….

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