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A Bit of Applique

Since I seem to be working in alphabetical order, let’s look at the Applique category. I always find it interesting that both turned applique and raw-edge applique are included in the same category.

Regardless, here are a few of my favorites.

Since many applique quilts are filled with flowers, this one stood out as being different…..

“Toronto Architecture” by Keith Dommer

Note that each of those pieces are finished with a piped edge. That is a LOT of piping!!

There are so many wonderful touches in this next quilt….and I apologize that I failed to get the name of the maker. IF you recognize the quilt, please let me know the details so that I can add them here….

Not only is the applique impeccable, but the quilting adds a new dimension….

….and there are some sweet touches too…..

I am a sucker for daisies……

“Daisy Dots” by Lynne Taylor

Look at this fun border….

This quilt truly appealed to me….

“My Favorite Indigo Blue and KUMIKO” by Chiyoko Yoshimori

It is such an imaginative way to use bias binding!!

AND, it got me thinking about planning a hand applique with Celtic Applique or something similar!!

Isn’t this fun!!

“A Crowd of Strangers” by Jill Kerttula

The Third-Place quilt was one that truly caught my attention…..

“A Crowd of Strangers”by Jill Kerttula

There are SO many things about this quilt that were interesting, starting with the floor…..

….and continuing to the individuals in the view…..

The Second-Place ribbon went to…..

“Wild Rose” by Noriko Kido

It was exquisite in the piecing, applique, and quilting!!

The Winner of the Category was…..

“Coming Home” by Lyn Keogh

Again, the details were well done and the workmanship was exquisite!!

We met Lyn as she stood with her quilt and loved her interaction with several students who were asking questions about the quilt, particularly about her inspiration for the quilt…..

Lyn Keogh talks about the inspiration for her 1st place quilt

She was a kind and humble woman and we enjoyed talking with her.

So….that is the Applique Category……

Tomorrow I will tackle a special Exhibition called “Athletes”! Come back for some amazing quilts and an interview with their maker!!


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