Choices for February

As I have mentioned before, my “word” for the year is “Choices” and I wanted to report on how I have done for the month of February.  I have been able to keep up with my two special January choices (keeping my inbox empty and keeping the kitchen table cleaned off better).

For February, I wanted to be careful of my interactions with others as I knew that my stress level would rise as I struggled to accomplish my accounting/tax work AND acted as Co-Chair for our local guild quilt show.  For the most part, I have been able to respond in a civil manner, except for a few outbursts that involved my husband.  I guess that it is just too easy to take things out on those closest to us!!!!

The most exciting thing is that the show is only 5 days away and my co-chair, Deb and I are still great friends….gotta put that in the win column!!!!!


January “CHOICES”

Some of you may remember that my “word for the year” is CHOICES.  During January I had a couple of areas that I wanted to make good choices about…..

The first was to keep my email inbox cleaned out.!!!!  This has not really been a hard task but it has meant that I answered emails quickly or filed them if they had information that I needed to keep.  It is SO nice to open my inbox and see two or three emails there awaiting my attention rather than 20 or 30 of them!!!!


The second choice was to try to keep at least one end of the kitchen table cleaned off.  My desk is right next to the table and it is really easy for me to move things off of my desk (to make room)  and onto the table.  This end of the table is also the repository for everything that comes into the house.  It has been quite freeing to clean up this one part of the table  each day and put those things away.


Now it is time to add another “choice” to the mix.   In February,  my desire is to CHOOSE to be patient and kind to those around me (especially my husband)!!!   Since our guild quilt show is only 4 weeks away (and I am co-chair), this may be a daily, hourly and minutely (if that is a word) choice.


Wish me luck!!!!



OK….the new year is here, so what  does this year look like……

In the travel category, my husband and I have a 5 week trip to China to look forward to in June.

In the work world, I am actually looking forward to Tax Season….. I got rid of a few troublesome clients last year and am already organized and ready to go…..a great start!!!

In the Quilt Guild world, our quilt show is the first weekend in March and it should be a FUN time.  I am co-chair of the event and Deb and I are really looking forward to a successful show and a great time for all of our members.

In the quilting realm, I have several goals for the new year…..

  –  finish the train quilt that was started in 2009.

–  finish quilting the lap quilt “Garden Cuttings”.

–  play with the Batik fabric kit that I got for Christmas

–  work on a quilt from our Australia trip ….the plan is to make it queen size.

–  play with thread work

–  try to push outside of the box and play with some “non-fabric” creativity.

–  develop a new workshop for advanced machine quilting


Several of the bloggers are posting about picking one WORD for the year and, the more I think about it, I like the word “CHOICES”.  


I want to be more intentional with my choices, both in the things that I do and the things that I DONT do!!!


Will any of this happen?????  Who knows, but at least there is a plan!!!!!


NOW……BRING ON 2010!!