Who is “J”???

Just before our second child was born, I decided to make some ornaments that had all of our initials on them.  I had done the “F” for Frances, “M” for Michael (hubby), and the “B” for Brian (son).  I was working on the “J” while we were visiting with some friends and she asked how I could do the last initial before I knew if baby number 2 was a boy or girl.  My answer was easy…..James if it was a boy and Jenny if a girl

_B283493 (2)

By the way…..it was a girl!!!

More Christmas Decorations


Early in 1981, we moved to Canberra, Australia so my husband could do a PhD at the Australian National University.  When I thought about the 20+ hours that we would be in transit, I knew that I needed something to work on, so I bought a packet of 6 embroidered ornaments to take with me.  I distinctly remember working on one of them during the trip and then finished them in the first few months that we lived there.

   _B283483 (2)   _B283492 (2)_B283482 (2)_B283491 (2)

_B283481 (2)

_B283488 (2)








When I first made these and hung them on the door knobs, the frames would break apart and fall into three parts on the floor.  After several years of this, I finally got out the glue gun and secured the frames.  Now we enjoy them every year.

Christmas Decorations…..Texas Style

I have spent most of this week in Abilene, Texas, attending the funeral for my Mother’s Husband and trying to help her get settled down again.    One of the perks to this trip was that I was reminded about the wonderful way in which Texan’s decorate for Christmas. 

These photos are not the greatest ones…..it is hard to photograph at night and some were take  on my cell phone……but here are a few to brighten your days…….

I love these “mushroom” trees…….Photo_120809_002 (2)

And these wrapped tree trunks…….

PC090132 (2) 

And this one went all the way……

PC090116 (2)

And here is what happens when you start playing around with the camera…….

PC090102 (2)

These displays make my little trees out front look kind of puny, but I still get a thrill when 5:00 pm rolls around and they click on!!

Quilted Stockings

_B283475 (2)

I made these stockings in 1987, just after our daughter Jenny was born.  We were living in Australia at the time, but were returning to the US before Christmas.    I hand appliqued each of them and had to work quickly to make sure that they were finished before the crate was packed and shipped back to Texas.  It was such fun to find them the following year when decorating time came.

The only problem with these is that they dont hold much loot!!!  Note to self…..make Christmas Stockings REALLY BIG!!!!