Glide Thread Surprise

I have recently begun using Glide Thread for my free-motion quilting.

If you haven’t used it before, Glide is a 40-weight Polyester thread with a slight sheen to it. I am smitten!!!

But, one thing that I didn’t like was that there wasn’t a way to tie the loose threads down so my thread storage was a mess……

…..or was there??

One day I was completely fed up with the mess so decided that I would use a craft knife and cut my own slit in the base of the spool, giving me a place to clip the threads in place.

As I started to make the first cut, I felt the base move!! That’s not good!!

But as I continued messing with it, I found that the base “rolls” down…..

And look….there is even a notch that the thread slides thru as you roll it in place…..

Once the ends are rolled around, you simply pop the base back up again…..

Doesn’t this look better?……

I should have known that a quality thread manufacturer would have taken care of this detail!!!

Did you already know this or am I just an unobservant gal???

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Thank you…….