Moving Update

We took possession of our new house on Friday evening and on Saturday morning we were joined by son (Brian) and D-I-L (Amber) for a little bit of toting and carrying.

Of course, the FIRST room to be moved was my studio……


Partly because most everything was already boxed up and ready to go and partly because I wanted it to be the first room finished!!!    Just look at all of the plastic boxes….we quilter’s really should own stock in one of these companies!!!!

While Brian moved boxes…..


…..Amber helped clean the kitchen…….


(would your Daughter-In-Law do this for you????)

After the kids left, I started working in the studio and Michael adjourned to his new office to do some work…..


(don’t you love the Camo sling chair????

At then end of the day, my studio was looking better… least all of the fabric was on the shelves……


….and the day ended with a toast on our screened-in deck…..


More busy days to follow……

You’re not from Good Hope, are you?

The above question will stand forever in our memory as “the day that we bought our new house”.  Here is the story.

We had gone to the new house to do the final walk-thru and then were headed to the Attorney’s office for closing.  His office was in another town not far from our house so we clicked on the GPS which took us down some minor roads to get to the office. 

As we turned on one corner, I looked across the road and saw the “Good Hope General Store”. 


In their window were 6 or 7 wooden rockers.  Now, we had been looking for rockers for our front porch but hadn’t had any luck, so I pointed them out,  Michael made a quick turn into the parking lot and into the store we went. 

First of all, it was a typical small town general store.  There were indeed 6 rockers sitting on one side of the store and tables with chairs on the other side.  These tables were occupied by several coffee drinking men.  The store contained everything from building supplies to groceries.

Secondly, we had dressed up for the closing….I had on a dress and high heels and Michael was dressed in slacks and a nice shirt.  We were definitely out of place!!!

One gentleman came up to us and we asked if the chairs were for sale.  He sweetly looked at us and said the immortal words, “You’re not from Good Hope are you?”. 

We laughingly said “No” and he proceeded to call the store owner who, again very sweetly, told us to check at another store just down the road and then came back up and said that we should also check at Cracker Barrel. 

Michael and the first man continued talking for a few minutes (Michael adopted his “tobacco spitting” voice)  and then we said our good-byes. 

We have since learned that the 6 rocking chairs belong to the “Coffee Club”, a group of men who meet there several times a week, and Michael and I have a bet that the man who talked to us is the one of the local preachers!!

Anyway, we made it to the closing, signed hundreds of papers and are now the proud owner of a beautiful home in Bishop, Georgia.  


All in all, it was a VERY good day, but no, we are NOT from Good Hope!!

“What have we done!!!!!”

Well, some of you may be wondering exactly what has happened to me!!!  Contrary to popular believe, we are not dead…..just crazy!!!   But  a little back story……

When we returned from Turkey in June, we got ourselves settled back into life and planning our next trip to China in August (the 11th to be exact).

One day I said to Michael “do you think that we should consider buying a new house and moving into something a bit bigger, newer and with MUCH less yard”!!!  We decided to start thinking about it, but not to really start doing anything about it until after the China trip. 

Needless to say, we didn’t wait that long!!   We looked at 7 houses, liked 3 of those and REALLY liked 1 of those three.  So, after two weeks of contract negotiations, we finally have an agreement to purchase a new house!!!!!


Now, exactly FIVE days after we return from China  we will be starting to move into this lovely residence.   I have already started thinking about how much fun it will be to clean out and re-organize.   I will have a dedicated office for my accounting work, a studio that is about 25 square feet larger than my current one and Michael will have a bright office and a screened-in deck.

Can you tell that we are excited!!!!