Stopping to catch my breath…..

One of my friends said the other day that she felt like I had dropped off of the grid over the last few weeks, so thought that I should let you know what I have been up to….

The last 3-1/2 years of our life have been absolutely chaotic.  Mind you, I am not complaining, but it has just been busy.  After we returned from Texas back in August, I was determined to get my life caught up and to, as quickly as possible, take care of all of the stuff that I brought back from my Mom’s house.  I have done well with this and look forward to writing some posts about some of the stuff and the history behind it……it has really been interesting.

Also, for many years now I have been wanting to get all of my photos organized. The digital ones are in good shape as I am very good about putting them in folders on my computer and then saving them to numerous devices and places, but there were still a bunch of areas that needed attention……

Fore example,  I did scrapbooks while my kids were in school, but the earlier ones were done on the horrible sticky sheets or on computer paper where the photos were stuck on with tape.  I knew that these really needed to be transferred to an acid free environment.

Also, for many years I have been trying to get all of our negatives and slides digitized so that I can stop the degrading process now. 

Finally, I brought back 5 BIG boxes of photos and history stuff from my Mom’s house and my plan has been to digitize it as well.

SO…..we get to September 28th…..the day that Michael left to spend 12 days in Western Australia and the day that I turned my house into photo heaven (or hell, depending on how you look at it).

During the past 11 days I have worked on scrapbooks, scanned photos, organized negatives and just generally had a good “clean-out” of some of our junk!!!  I am no where near finished, but at least things are organized in such a manner that I could easily pick something up and spend an hour on it and eventually get it all done……ie… is not NEARLY as overwhelming now!!!

Now these days have not been spent entirely on photos….. I have enjoyed several quilting group meetings, coffee with a lovely friend from India, a “spa day” with my daughter, and several days of “nothing but fabric”!!!!

I have finished up two UFO’s which I will post about soon and have also been working on my Australian Fabric quilt that I talked about back in May.  I will do a long post about it, but here is a teaser photo of the center section……


More posts soon…..I promise!!!

It’s Raining…..again!!


It has been raining almost every day for the past three weeks which has been great for the flowers….


……but has caused some interesting new life to sprout in our yard.

These little dainty mushrooms appear early each morning but have shriveled and are gone by midday…….


They are about 2 inches in diameter.


The funniest ones are these tiny growths on our deck railing…..


Oh for a bit of sunshine!!!!!

It arrived!!!

On Thursday, our beautiful antique Bookcase arrived and we are so enjoying having it in our home. 


We found this at a local antique store, just a few days before we left for China.  We debated about buying it on the spot but finally decided to wait until we had returned from our trip and were actually moving into our new house.  It was a hard, hard wait!!

We sent it to a friend who refinishes furniture and he made a few cosmetic corrections to it, but it was in really good shape so there wasn’t much to be done.

He told us that it was made in the 1880’s, in the Victorian style, with the primary wood being Walnut and the secondary being Poplar.  He also said that the glass is in remarkable condition!!

He pointed out the handcrafted drawers, showing us the “scratch line” that was used to mark how far to dovetail the joints…..


As I was polishing and cleaning it, I was intrigued with the construction of the shelf units.  The edges are notched and specially made slats are inserted for the shelves to sit on….

DSC06945 The shelves are also notched in each corner to allow them to fit perfectly…..


It was fun to polish the unit and think of who else might have enjoyed it in the past 130 years!!

The plan is to bring some old dish sets home from my Mother’s house and use this as a display case for them.

But, even empty, it is a wonderful addition to our dining room!!!

Finally moved!!

Well, it has been almost 3 weeks since my last update, but I can finally say that we are moved!!

By the 22nd of September, we had most of the smaller things over at the new house and unpacked and we were ready for the movers.   Welcome “Two Men and a Truck”….well, actually 4 men in our case.

It was interesting to watch them pack and load each of our precious items.  The coolest thing was how they carried many of the items on a strap that was connected to a harness on their backs.


The weight was distributed evenly between them and they just had to use their hands to balance the item.

It only took about 1-1/2 hours to load everything up and then we were off to the new house…..


It only took another hour to move everything in and we were ready to roll.

The next week was spent organizing and cleaning and trying to catch up a bit on the normal things of life.

Then, before we knew it, “Two Men and a Truck” were back again, this time with our daughter’s furniture that we are storing while she is living in Chicago.

She drove up  last Sunday….DSC06750

and our son, Brian, drove her U-Haul up on Monday.  She is now happily ensconced in a new city, a new apartment and a new job!!!!

As of yesterday, we declared that the moving is complete, so here are a few photos of the finished rooms…..

Starting with the heart of any home….the kitchen….DSC06758

This is officially called a keeping room, but in reality it is a relaxing place where I can sit while my sweet husband cooks dinner!!!…..


This covered deck area has become our favorite place to sit just after dinner.  We will continue to enjoy this as long as the weather will allow…..DSC06756

This is our bright and sunny den…….DSC06787

This is my wonderful office.  In the old house, I worked at a desk in my kitchen and had client meetings at my dining table.  Here, I can even close the French doors into the room and have complete privacy…..DSC06762

Our dining room that also holds my piano.  We have purchased an 1880’s Glass Fronted Bookcase that will sit along the long wall on the left…..DSC06763

The entry way and stairs gives me a place to display a quilt.  I will change this quilt through out the year.  By the way, I have found a wonderful hanging system….more about that in another post…….DSC06764

Our bedroom……

DSC06765It is such fun to wake up early in the morning and be able to see the stars out of that arched window.

This is my husband’s office, complete with a Western, hunting theme and decorated with items that he has gathered in many of his travels……DSC06774

I wasn’t sure about the color scheme for this bathroom until I remembered the small quilt that brought all of the colors together…..


The house has a guest “suite” that has a small bedroom……DSC06785

and a sitting room…..DSC06782My Mother-In-Law is very excited to be our first visitor in about 6 weeks.

Everyone gave me a hard time that the first things moved were for my studio, but unfortunately, it is the only room that still needs work.  I did a bit of sewing, but only to make storage bags for some of my floral stems.


I have purchased the boards to make my design wall and will hopefully get that finished and mounted in the next week.DSC06780

Finally, both cars fit comfortably in the garage which truly signaled the end of the moving process……


Now to catch up on some accounting work and make a trip to Texas to visit my mother.  Maybe, just maybe I can get a bit of creative time in too….