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Stopping to catch my breath…..

One of my friends said the other day that she felt like I had dropped off of the grid over the last few weeks, so thought that I should let you know what I have been up to….

The last 3-1/2 years of our life have been absolutely chaotic.  Mind you, I am not complaining, but it has just been busy.  After we returned from Texas back in August, I was determined to get my life caught up and to, as quickly as possible, take care of all of the stuff that I brought back from my Mom’s house.  I have done well with this and look forward to writing some posts about some of the stuff and the history behind it……it has really been interesting.

Also, for many years now I have been wanting to get all of my photos organized. The digital ones are in good shape as I am very good about putting them in folders on my computer and then saving them to numerous devices and places, but there were still a bunch of areas that needed attention……

Fore example,  I did scrapbooks while my kids were in school, but the earlier ones were done on the horrible sticky sheets or on computer paper where the photos were stuck on with tape.  I knew that these really needed to be transferred to an acid free environment.

Also, for many years I have been trying to get all of our negatives and slides digitized so that I can stop the degrading process now. 

Finally, I brought back 5 BIG boxes of photos and history stuff from my Mom’s house and my plan has been to digitize it as well.

SO…..we get to September 28th…..the day that Michael left to spend 12 days in Western Australia and the day that I turned my house into photo heaven (or hell, depending on how you look at it).

During the past 11 days I have worked on scrapbooks, scanned photos, organized negatives and just generally had a good “clean-out” of some of our junk!!!  I am no where near finished, but at least things are organized in such a manner that I could easily pick something up and spend an hour on it and eventually get it all done……ie…..it is not NEARLY as overwhelming now!!!

Now these days have not been spent entirely on photos….. I have enjoyed several quilting group meetings, coffee with a lovely friend from India, a “spa day” with my daughter, and several days of “nothing but fabric”!!!!

I have finished up two UFO’s which I will post about soon and have also been working on my Australian Fabric quilt that I talked about back in May.  I will do a long post about it, but here is a teaser photo of the center section……


More posts soon…..I promise!!!

5 thoughts on “Stopping to catch my breath…..

  1. The quilt looks fantastic. I am determined that I will get around to organising my photos one day too. I organise mine in Lightroom but have so many real photos that I need to convert to digital.

  2. I think we can all relate to sorting out those early photo albums and scrapbooks. It is a big task but definitely worth it.Love the peek at the quilt. And you weren't tempted to go to WA too?

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