Scrap Quilt of Memories

As I have mentioned before in this blog, my Mom, like her mother and grandmother before her, was a quilter!! On one of my trips to visit her I decided that it was time to do a photo documentation of all of her quilts. We set up a makeshift display area on the back porch and she started bringing out quilts…..and more quilts……and more quilts!!!

Then we came to this signature quilt…..

Now this quilt had lived on her bed for as long as I could remember, but when she started looking at it, she became very nostalgic for the memories of the people who had signed it……

She had made the individual blocks herself and then passed them to her friends and relatives and asked them to embroider their names.

It was a time when EVERY woman knew how to perform this simple task!!

She carefully fingered the various names, remembering some with joy and others that she simply had no memory of.

She was never one to get her photo taken and most of her photos were not particularly good but I do this one……

I think that the joy that she found in her quilts and in the memories of her relatives and friends shows in her face.

She taught me the love of creating with my hands and, for that, I will always be thankful!!

A few hours in the studio…..

This weekend I was able to spend a few hours in my studio and enjoyed every minute of it!!  

On Saturday, I put together two more blocks to send to my Mother so that she can do the applique…..

photo 2

Here are the two that she has already done and sent back to me…..

photo 1

As I have looked at these, I  realized that they are all over the place as far as placement goes on the background fabric,  so I am thinking that I will add a common fabric as the “ground” in each piece, but that can come later.

Back in the studio…..


On Saturday, I felt good enough to spend some time upstairs in my studio.  There were two projects that were ready for me to work on, but instead I did what any good quilter would do…..I started something new!!

This new project stemmed from a conversation with my 90 year old Mother where she was bemoaning the fact that she didn’t have any handwork to be doing, so I decided to start another one of our collaborative projects.

I picked a pattern that I had on hand… by Piece O’Cake Designs…..

I first found this fabric and think that I will work my colors around it…..


But, I wanted to change things around a bit, so decided to use dark backgrounds and pastel flowers……


I will probably need to buy a few more dark blues and purples before I am thru, but have enough to get started.

I had a lot of fun plowing thru my fabrics and coming up with pastels that would work…..


A few years back I realized that much of my stash was made of darks and medium fabrics, especially bright ones, so I have been trying to make a conscious effort to add some lighter colors.   From the looks of this table full of fabric, I think that I have accomplished my goal!!!

I had a fun few hours of picking fabrics and getting them fused on and ready to send to Mom.   Here are the first two….


When I get the next two done, I will send them to Mom who will perform her magical Buttonhole Stitch around the shapes.  As always, my biggest task will be to keep up with her!!!


Oh yeah, I have had few more “mini pep talks” from my throat lozenges….

  –  Buckle down and push forth!

  –  You’ve survived tougher

  –  Don’t waist a precious minute

  –  Don’t wait to get started

  –  Fire up those engines

  –  Dust off and get up

  –  Conquer today

……….Such fun!!!

Back to the Flower Pots

I had a bit of  Studio time this past week and decided to pull out the Flower Pot blocks that my Mom had appliqued……


I had worked on them some before we left for our Turkey trip but just couldn’t figure out what to do next.  I guess that I just needed some time away from it, because as soon as I looked at it this past week I KNEW what I was going to do… least the first step.

I first needed to cut the blocks down to 15-1/2 inches so pulled out my large square ruler (16-1/2 inches) and started making the cuts.  After the first block I decided that I needed some guidelines so used masking tape to mark the center of the block and also just outside of the 15-1/2 inch cutting line…..

DSC04965Now here is my masking  tape trick… know how it will often stick to the surface and leave icky goo when you pull it of?  Well, if you will first stick the tape to fabric, it will lose enough of the stickiness that there will not be any problem with removing it.   I normally just stick it to my skirt or pants and then peel it off and stick it onto the ruler.

I decided to put a small (1/2 inch) border around each of the blocks and immediately sought out the fabric that the pots were made from……

DSC04971 I was very pleased with this move because it helps to unify all of the blocks!!

Next, I selected an arrangement for the blocks and hung them up on the design wall…..DSC04973 But where do I go now!!!!

DSC04980 After trying out tons of pieces of fabric, I was ready to pull out my hair.  Then I noticed that I really liked the dark fabrics surrounding the blocks and also that the orange piece on the right seemed to work well with the other fabrics.

Then I got the idea to use a small strip of the orange as another break between the sashes…..

DSC04981 So I started adding borders and sashes and before long the center looked like this…..

DSC04985 But what now????

I tried adding white borders but they looked TOO white so I purchased two fabrics that were similar in colors to the pot fabric.  I cut out wide borders and added them to two of the sides, planning to then add more flower appliques on top…..


So, I went back to the white borders but started thinking about making them narrower and also thinking about how to make them fit with the rest of the quilt.


….add border pieces onto the edges of the applique border so that it matches the rest of the quilt.


Fortunately, I have plenty of orange but not nearly enough of the “pot fabric” so have used one of the original border fabrics instead.  DSC04994

Mom only wants the borders for the applique and does not really want to have to wrestle with the entire quilt top so I have basted the white border on and will now lay out my new appliques.   Then I will take the border off and send it to her for the hand work to be done.

It is such fun when the quilt “tells” you what needs to happen next!!!

Flower Pots with Mom


Several weeks ago my Mom returned the applique blocks that I had put together and sent to her to finish the raw edges……


Now I need to figure out how to set it. 

  –  Do I put sashings around the blocks, and if so, what color(s)

  –  Do I leave the blocks in a lump like this?

  –  What type of border…. pieced, appliqued flower vines  (if Mom is willing to do more flowers)


I had hoped to play with this in EQ7 but am finding it a bit “less than intuitive”!!!

I may end up printing the photos out and playing on paper.

Keeping Mom Busy – part 3

My Mom quickly returned the blocks that I had sent her.  They look great with her wonderful blanket stitching around the edges.

Now it was time to finish up the designs so I spent a fun day working in my studio, once again pulling out every piece of fabric that I owned!!!!  Here are the resulting blocks…..

DSC01539  DSC01533DSC01535   DSC01536 DSC01537 DSC01538 I changed the last block some and had to add a few blossoms and leaves to make it fit the double size block, but I  think it worked ok…..



I laid all of the blocks out just to see if the colors would work…..DSC01532

…..and then wrapped it up in Christmas paper and sent it to Mom as yet another present for her to open!!!

My task in the next month will be to decide how to set the quilt together and what kind of border to put on it.   I have been thinking about doing a flower vine around the edge with lots of the different flowers on it, but I will need to see how Mom feels about sewing  MORE flowers!!!

Keeping Mom Busy — part 2

Since Mom finished up the House blocks so quickly, I immediately began looking for another project to get her started on.

I suggested that we start making a quilt  together.  The plan is that I will put the fusible applique’s together and she will do the blanket stitch around the shapes.  The blocks will return to me and I will put them together into a quilt top.  Then we will discuss whether she will hand quilt it or whether I will machine quilt it.

When it is finished we will decide exactly what we want to do with it.  It may be a donation to the West Texas Rehabilitation Center or it may be a gift for someone, or WHO KNOWS…….

SO, I started looking thru patterns and remembered this one from “Piece O’ Cake Designs”…..

FreshPicked-250 As I  started pulling out fabrics and trying to decide what color way to use, I came across this wonderful piece of fabric……


…..and decided to make it the basis for my quilt, and to cut each of the pots out of this fabric.

Here are the first four blocks that I put together and sent off to Mom…..

DSC01395 DSC01389 DSC01391 DSC01393 

Hopefully before Christmas I can get the next 8 blocks ready to go to her and also spend some time thinking about how I am going to set this together into a Queen Size Quilt.

Incidentally, I am always amazed at just how messy things can get when I am in the planning stage of a quilt…..


Keeping Mom busy –part 1…

As I have mentioned before, my Mom is 87 years old and has been quilting since she was 13!!  She still enjoys doing hand work, but finds the planning and piecing a bit hard to do.

When I was visiting back in October, I found a “block of the month” quilt that she had started a long time ago.  She had appliqued three cute blocks but then had lost interest.   I told her how cute I thought they were and encouraged her to finish them up.  Well, a month later I received a package containing the following…..

DSC01410 DSC01411 DSC01412 DSC01413 DSC01414 DSC01415

So now I have yet another UFO!!!!   I will start trying to come up with a quick, but effective method of turning these into a cute quilt!!!!

Happy Valentines Day


Well, it is almost too late to post this, but I do want to wish all of you a Happy Valentines Day and to share my February decorating.

_2123970 This quilt is another one that my Mother made about 15 years ago.  It has her typical beautiful hand quilting!!

And, yes, that fresh faced couple in the photo are my husband (Michael) and myself, almost 33 years ago!!  My how time flies when you are having fun!!!

I’ve Won, I’ve Won A Major Prize

Well, it is not exactly a MAJOR prize, but I couldn’t help quoting a favorite line from the movie “A Christmas Story”!!!!

Many of you will remember the quilt that my Mom and I made together earlier this year. Here is a picture of the quilt……

My Mom did the hand applique and I set it together and quilted it.

My Mom is a member of the Abilene Quilters Guild in Abilene, Texas and she entered it into her show this past month. It won First Place in the Collaborative division!!!!!

Mom was very excited and is now getting ready to enter it into the West Texas Fair. Over the years, she has won a lot of ribbons from the fair, so I am hoping that this quilt wont let her down!!!