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Scrap Quilt of Memories

As I have mentioned before in this blog, my Mom, like her mother and grandmother before her, was a quilter!! On one of my trips to visit her I decided that it was time to do a photo documentation of all of her quilts. We set up a makeshift display area on the back porch and she started bringing out quilts…..and more quilts……and more quilts!!!

Then we came to this signature quilt…..

Now this quilt had lived on her bed for as long as I could remember, but when she started looking at it, she became very nostalgic for the memories of the people who had signed it……

She had made the individual blocks herself and then passed them to her friends and relatives and asked them to embroider their names.

It was a time when EVERY woman knew how to perform this simple task!!

She carefully fingered the various names, remembering some with joy and others that she simply had no memory of.

She was never one to get her photo taken and most of her photos were not particularly good but I do this one……

I think that the joy that she found in her quilts and in the memories of her relatives and friends shows in her face.

She taught me the love of creating with my hands and, for that, I will always be thankful!!

8 thoughts on “Scrap Quilt of Memories

  1. What a wonderful way to revive memories. I have a quilt from my grandmother with a similar theme. I love it although I knew few of the signers. I made a quilt for my mother’s retirement with squares of white muslin I mailed out to her friends and our family. Each person drew a picture, or traced their hand if too young. Its a treasure!

  2. I am pleased that you are keeping a record of all her quilts. I think because we blog we always do that for our own quilts, but I think it is special to get this done for your mother as well.

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