Time for the “State of the Studio” address…..

Well, I was getting ready to post a note about a new project that I just started, but realized that it was New Year’s Eve and I hadn’t yet written my “State of the Studio” address, also known as “what I did this year”.   So, here goes…..

Michael and I had a wonderful year together, enjoying spending time in our new home.  It was a bit strange that we didn’t have any overseas trips, but I think that we both needed the break.

I found some much needed creative time during 2014, enjoying working on several fun projects.

I started out the year with the Australia Fabric curves.  Michael and I are enjoying sleeping under this one!!!


The second quilt of the year was the guild challenge that I have now named “Blue Light Special”…..DSC02351


Next came two “quick” quilts given to our two young Chinese visitors….DSC03009



Then, my friend Diane turned 60 and needed a quilt to keep her warm…..DSC02621

This fun baby quilt was a joy to make……


These two challenges from my Crea-8-tive group gave me a chance to try something new…..  DSC03341



My stained glass challenge was fun…..DSC03876

Finally, there was this quick quilt for Jenny for Christmas…..


Looking back, I see that my projects can be split into to categories…..1) quick and easy and  2)  be creative.   I am really pleased with the balance between the projects and have enjoyed trying some new things.

As I look forward to 2015, I know that we are going to have a fantastic year although it has potential to be quite hectic.   At this point we have 3 overseas trips planned…..3 weeks in Nepal in May/June with 10 days of hiking in the Himalayas, 3 weeks in Colombia in July/August  and the month of September in Bangalore, India!!     In addition, I am chairman of our guild Quilt Show in March!!!

I told Michael that my mantra for the year is going to be “don’t procrastinate” because I simply don’t have time for it!!!

All I can say is…….BRING IT ON!!!!

2013 in my rear view mirror

This evening I was sitting down to write my annual “this is what I created this past year” post and was feeling fairly down because I didn’t feel like I had done much.   As I started looking thru past posts, I became more excited as I realized that I had actually worked on several pieces and am very proud of each of them.

The year started out with the quilting work on “Flower Pot, Flower Pot”, the quilt that Mom and I made together……


Next was a quickie Mug Rug for Valentines Day…..


…..followed by a top made in a Rayna Gillman workshop that I turned into a chair back cover…..


In May, my creative group started working on the “Use It Up Challenge” which resulted in this fun piece…


I happily finished a quilt that had been started about 6 years ago and is now being used as my lap quilt of choice…..


There was one other “finished” project during the year…..this little Christmas quilt….


There have been two “starts” that will hopefully be finished early in 2014.

The Aussie Fabric quilt which is ready to be basted and hopefully quilted during the few minutes of relaxing during tax season…..


And, finally, the Pueblo quilt that still needs a few hours of quilting……


I could ALWAYS complain that I haven’t had enough time to create, but this year has been different.  I have greatly enjoyed my studio time and am VERY happy with the output for the year.

Tonight Michael and I are celebrating in our own way…..


…..with Dairy Queen Blizzards and relaxing in our recliners!!!!

I hope that you all have a wonderful New Year’s!!!!

On to 2014!!!

2013, here I come…..


thYes, it is time to look to the upcoming year…..it should be an interesting one!!!

I will begin the year by having surgery on my knee this Thursday so that I will hopefully be able to easily climb the stairs to my studio!!!  My sweet husband has already agreed to bring my quilting tables downstairs for a few weeks until I get off of crutches.  Since it is my left knee, I am anticipating being able to continue quilting on the Flower Pot quilt.

I am excited about working thru this year’s Income Tax Season, especially getting to work in my new office…..now if Congress would just decide exactly what will be taxed, and how much tax will be levied!!!!

I am looking forward to our local guild quilt show the first weekend in March.  If you are in the area, be sure to visit!!!

At this point, we don’t have any overseas trips planned for the upcoming year, however we are looking forward to a trip to Chicago to visit our daughter and I may accompany Michael on a trip to Wyoming next December.

Basically, I hope to spend the year enjoying family, friends and the joy of creating!!

I wish the same for you and your family…….

Goodbye 2012…..

Like most bloggers, I have enjoyed writing a year-end post where I can think about the things that have been accomplished during the past year. 

This year, unfortunately, there hasn’t been a lot of quilting going on as I have only finished two pieces and one of those was done in a 24 hour period this past week!!! 

The other was my Complimentary Color Challenge quilt and is one of my all-time favorite pieces….


I did work on two projects with my Mom and both are in the final stages of finishing and hopefully the Flower Pot quilt will be ready in time to put into our Guild Quilt Show in March….time will tell.

As I looked back at the past year’s posts, I found several small watercolor pieces that I enjoyed working on.  My favorite was this one…..


I enjoyed a two day workshop with Lyric Kinard and completed this sketchbook cover that I enjoyed giving to my Daughter-In-Law as part of her Christmas present…..


I spent a day with Pat Speth and have moved along with a pieced top and enjoyed another day with Mary Stori and am still working on my beaded piece.

But, this year has really been all about travel…..both around the world and across the county!! 

Michael and I enjoyed three weeks in Turkey and then three more weeks in China.  As we were eating dinner tonight we decided that our favorite memories were from our time in Turkey.  There were just too many enjoyable people and sights!!

The end of the year has been dominated by our move into a beautiful, new home and all of the work and excitement that goes along with such a move.  We know that we are truly blessed to be able to live here.

So, in just a few hours we will say good-bye to 2012 and hello to the exciting new world of 2013……cant wait!!!!