I-Pad Art….

In continuing with my “OTHER” types of art plan, I have been playing using ProCreate on my iPad.

I found numerous YouTube videos from “Art With Flo” that would walk me thru the creative process.

Isn’t it amazing what you can find online…..you just have to look!!!!

The first one helped me to draw this picture…..

The next morning I wanted to see if I could do it again…..WITHOUT assistance.

I couldn’t remember how to do the “window” so just did a mountain range…..

It turned out okay!!!

Then I tried one of her seascapes…..

I particularly like how the wave interacts with the beach in this one!!!

At the gym, I ran across the YouTube channel for “James Julier Art Tutorials”. His drawings are MUCH more detailed and, when I watched it, I thought that I could probably do it……


I did learn a bit about doing pine trees so, instead of working on the entire scene, I just did a few pine trees……

I think that they look okay and I really like that I was able to show the light coming in from the right and also that the three trees are in three different dimensions.

Do you know of other ProCreate classes that I might enjoy???

Procreate Fun!!

Back in April, I wrote about a new tool that I have added to my creative arsenal….an iPad and Procreate app.

I have been using the tool to learn about shading and have been please with my continuing improvements!!

While on the plane on our last trip, I played with two photos, starting out with them on the bottom “layer” of the picture. I would add a layer over the top and trace the shape onto that layer. Then I could hide the photo layer and have the traced design ready to fill in with color.

The first photo that I worked on was this little Chinese teapot…..

On this drawing, I am particularly pleased with the spout. I think that it looks very realistic.

Next I played with a grouping of sunflowers that lived in my kitchen for a while…..

I was extremely happy with the blue bottle on the left. I think that it really looks like glass!!!

While we were traveling in Mozambique, I took photos of a number of people, trying to focus on their faces.

This was the resulting drawing…..

I loved being able to look at the photo and use shading to make the face come alive!! It is amazing to me that there are virtually no LINES in the drawing!!

After I finished this one, I found myself watching TV and, instead of listening to what they were saying, I was focused on the shadows and shadings on their faces!!! I may never view things the same way!!!

A new tool for the Studio

For quite a while, I have been interested in having an iPad and over the last few months, I have seen so many posts and articles about using an app called “Procreate”. Last week I finally bit the bullet and ordered one and, so far I am loving it!!

I have been playing with Procreate quite a bit and have watched many, many youtube videos about using it. It has tons of features and I will be learning FOREVER!!

I started out by playing with the various brushes and textures that you can use. It was fun to quickly design a new background that could easily be printed on a fabric…..

Next, I pulled in a photo of a quilt and played with possible quilting patterns…..

It was a super easy way to gather ideas and experiment with their placement.

Secondly, I followed one of the tutorials to draw my own “Cacti Still Life”…..

It is nothing fancy, but I sure did learn a lot from the tutorial!!

The final drawing that I did started with a photo of an eggplant……

I was able to pull this photo into the app and set it as the background layer. Then I used the brushes to basically trace around the vegetable and started filling in the shadings. Finally, I removed the initial photograph layer, leaving a fairly decent drawing of an eggplant…..

This has been a fun process and I am looking forward to learning more as I go and who knows, maybe someday I won’t need the photo to start with!!