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A new tool for the Studio

For quite a while, I have been interested in having an iPad and over the last few months, I have seen so many posts and articles about using an app called “Procreate”. Last week I finally bit the bullet and ordered one and, so far I am loving it!!

I have been playing with Procreate quite a bit and have watched many, many youtube videos about using it. It has tons of features and I will be learning FOREVER!!

I started out by playing with the various brushes and textures that you can use. It was fun to quickly design a new background that could easily be printed on a fabric…..

Next, I pulled in a photo of a quilt and played with possible quilting patterns…..

It was a super easy way to gather ideas and experiment with their placement.

Secondly, I followed one of the tutorials to draw my own “Cacti Still Life”…..

It is nothing fancy, but I sure did learn a lot from the tutorial!!

The final drawing that I did started with a photo of an eggplant……

I was able to pull this photo into the app and set it as the background layer. Then I used the brushes to basically trace around the vegetable and started filling in the shadings. Finally, I removed the initial photograph layer, leaving a fairly decent drawing of an eggplant…..

This has been a fun process and I am looking forward to learning more as I go and who knows, maybe someday I won’t need the photo to start with!!

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