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Free motion straight lines

WELL….”sort of” straight lines!!!

This week I decided to try doing a triangle filler pattern, using a design that I had saved out of a Quilting Arts Magazine…..

I have tried using straight-line designs before but always ended up quilting myself into a corner!!! I slowed down and gave this one a good try……

There were still a few lines that didn’t turn into triangles, but I was okay with it!!

But I decided that it looked a little bland, so I quilted OVER my original stitching and added some pebbles….

It was good practice for me to have to travel over all of those lines and I love the additional texture that comes with the pebbles!!!

I promise that “MOVE IT!!!”….a free-motion boot camp is coming!!! I finally finished with tax season and then proceeded to get sick so it has been a bit slower to get things moving. Keep watching here for more information or subscribe to my newsletter HERE…..

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