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Scrappy Pyramids

For this week’s scrappy offering, we are back to another of my older quilts

And, I am ashamed to say, I don’t know if my Mom made this or if it was my Granny!! I thought that I had them all well documented, but I can’t find this one. Such a shame!!

Regardless of who the maker was, it is a fun quilt, filled with scrappy pyramids…..

I love this one….partly because of the fabrics used, but also because it is pieced with the pyramids facing the side instead of the top.

I love that many of the points have been lost in the piecing….see…I come by it naturally!!!

Actually, as I looked at it more, I think that it was designed for the points to be missing…..that is the only thing that would tell why the points are so symmetrically and perfectly missing!!

One of my friends has made tons of pyramid quilts and she swears that they are easy to do, but I have yet to try one!!!

It is hand quilted using the good old “Baptist Fan” design…..

Yet another fun quilt from my Quilting Family Tree!!

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