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Procreate Fun!!

Back in April, I wrote about a new tool that I have added to my creative arsenal….an iPad and Procreate app.

I have been using the tool to learn about shading and have been please with my continuing improvements!!

While on the plane on our last trip, I played with two photos, starting out with them on the bottom “layer” of the picture. I would add a layer over the top and trace the shape onto that layer. Then I could hide the photo layer and have the traced design ready to fill in with color.

The first photo that I worked on was this little Chinese teapot…..

On this drawing, I am particularly pleased with the spout. I think that it looks very realistic.

Next I played with a grouping of sunflowers that lived in my kitchen for a while…..

I was extremely happy with the blue bottle on the left. I think that it really looks like glass!!!

While we were traveling in Mozambique, I took photos of a number of people, trying to focus on their faces.

This was the resulting drawing…..

I loved being able to look at the photo and use shading to make the face come alive!! It is amazing to me that there are virtually no LINES in the drawing!!

After I finished this one, I found myself watching TV and, instead of listening to what they were saying, I was focused on the shadows and shadings on their faces!!! I may never view things the same way!!!

2 thoughts on “Procreate Fun!!

  1. Frances, I have to pro create app on my ipad. I found it difficult to learn to use. I am probably not patient enough. I am using it to draw the quilting designs I am learning in boot camp. Then I have them all together when I try them on my longarm. I love your drawings especially the face. Keep on keep on. Maybe you can do a boot camp in Procreate when you finish free motion. Just a thought. Jodie

    1. Hey Jodie. I have used Procreate for the same purpose as well!!! Thanks for your suggestion, but I would have to learn a LOT more about Procreate before I try to teach it!!!

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