Another quick gift

I am having SO much fun making little gifts this year, and this last one was no different.

I started with attaching the fusible shapes to the background, but it looked a little dull. So, I pulled out the Fabrico markers…..

….and added a few highlights…..

Then came the fun part of highlighting the design with quilting…

Interestingly, even after making SO many of these, I am always worried that the black thread will mess the design up rather than enhance it!!

In particular, I love the edge design….a simple straight line using a straight ruler and then a curvy line over the top……

The curvy line can cover a multitude of sins if the straight line isn’t completely…..straight!!

The final step was to add the binding….

….and it was ready for gifting…..

(complete with a loose thread that I can now see on the top)!!!

Yikes….I will go to my grave removing loose thread!

Another Quick Gift

I needed another quick gift this past week and enjoyed using a sunflower for the pattern.

I first fused the pieces down…..

The flower petals were cut from two pieces of fabric and not individual petals!!!

Next, I wanted to add another element and corner pieces seemed to fit well.

I momentarily thought about piecing the corners in place but decided that fusing would work JUST as well.

The final step was to make the quilt sandwich and add some black thread accents…..

It was a quick gift to make and fun to give away!!!!

Quick Quilted Gifts

This past week I needed a couple of quick gifts and decided that little quilts were the way to go!!

I have used this technique in the past and found it to be a sweet way to make something special for someone special!!

I don’t have photos of the process, but I simply use Wonder-under to fuse the design to the background fabric and then use black thread to quilt/outline the shapes and also add some additional details.

In all honesty, they took longer to bind than they did to make!!!

I hope that they bring joy to their recipients!!