Another quick gift

I am having SO much fun making little gifts this year, and this last one was no different.

I started with attaching the fusible shapes to the background, but it looked a little dull. So, I pulled out the Fabrico markers…..

….and added a few highlights…..

Then came the fun part of highlighting the design with quilting…

Interestingly, even after making SO many of these, I am always worried that the black thread will mess the design up rather than enhance it!!

In particular, I love the edge design….a simple straight line using a straight ruler and then a curvy line over the top……

The curvy line can cover a multitude of sins if the straight line isn’t completely…..straight!!

The final step was to add the binding….

….and it was ready for gifting…..

(complete with a loose thread that I can now see on the top)!!!

Yikes….I will go to my grave removing loose thread!

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