Quilts in the Garden – Part 1

As I scroll thru the “Quilters’ of Instagram” photos, I am amazed at the variety of ways people find to photograph their quilts.

I was not only amazed and intrigued but wondered if I could produce some of the same results.

Last Thursday was the day to try!!!

Not really having any idea of what I was doing, I looked online for suggestions. After a bit of research, I gathered up all of my supplies, including tripods, camera (well, I-phone really), step-stool, towels, drop cloths, big clips, pins, and masking tape.

Oh….I almost forgot….I grabbed three of my last finishes…..

But where to go?

The obvious solution was to visit the Georgia State Botanical Garden which is about 20 minutes from me. It opened at 8:00am and my plan was to be there and ready to go!!

I headed first for a children’s area and had fun playing with Lady Bugs….

and mushrooms…..

The benches in the background were the bane of my photos. I couldn’t get away from them. So, instead, I decided to make use of them…..

It was here that I met a sweet woman from Greenville, SC who insisted that she take my photo…..

I moved further down the path and found this amazing tunnel…..

Wouldn’t it be fun to put a quilt in the middle and take a photo around it? Unfortunately, that required a second set of hands!!

Then I started wondering if I could hang the quilt on one of the tunnel walls?

The answer was……YES…..

As I was looking around for other areas to hang the quilt, I spotted a hole in the wall on the other side……what happens if I film THRU the hole……

The next “A-HA” moment occurred a few more steps down the path where I found a small wooden tunnel designed for kids to climb thru….

The coolest thing about this tunnel was that steam was pouring off of it and I love the foggy look that some of the photos had……

It was amazing that the quilting showed up so wonderfully in the natural light…..

I sent this photo to Sheila (the quilter) to say “THANK YOU!!”

There were also some concrete “acorns” scattered about and it was fun to find ways to include them in the photo…..

And, of course, there was ANOTHER tunnel, and more photos…..

I had a little fun adding a “prop” to the scene…..

This post is already long enough, but there were TONS of other great spots for photos and, believe me, I took advantage of ALL of them…..

Come back tomorrow for more fun photos, including using some statues as props!!!