Let’s Roll Those Quilts!!

When I left you yesterday the quilts were all piled on my table, waiting to be hauled up the stairs and put away!!

Since I had all of them out at the same time I decided to try another Bonnie Hunter technique and to ROLL the quilts for storage rather than folding them.

I have always worried about folding my quilts, knowing that creases were not going to be good for them and it seemed that rolling might just be the ticket.

I made a video of the process and you can see how easy it is to do. In the video I mentioned that the process was a bit tedious but that was an overstatement. After I had done 6 or 7 quilts it became much easier to do.

It was extremely satisfying to view the finished process…..

I got so encouraged that I moved to the pie safe where I store my “monthly” quilts and rolled those as well……

The quilts on the top shelf FILLED the space when they were laid flat but now I have room for several more!!

AND…..since I now have SO much extra space, I have a reason to MAKE MORE QUILTS!!!

You guys keep reading…..I am off to the studio!!