Excitement around here!!

If you have been following my blog, you might remember the quilt “Star Explosion” that I finished a few months ago……

At the time I wondered if all of the time spent quilting those straight lines was going to be worth it……


….apparently it was, because I found out it was juried into QUILTCON 2023 as part of the R&B Fabric Challenge!!

I am SO excited!! Not only will it hang at the show, but since the show is in Atlanta (a mere 70 miles away), I will get to see it there!!

The celebrations are just starting!!!

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QuiltCon 2021

It is QuiltCon weekend!!!

For those of you who don’t know the magic of those words….. QuiltCon is the international quilt show of “The Modern Quilt Guild”.

I had looked forward to attending my first QuiltCon this year as it was being hosted in Atlanta, GA….a mere 1 hour drive from home. Alas, COVID had different plans!!

However, MQG took the situation into their own hands and set up “QuiltCon Together”, an online quilt show!!

I have signed up for 4 classes and have enjoyed the first two immensely. The first was “Modern Scrappy Quilts with Value” by Blair Stocker of Wise Craft Handmade. Her focus was that “value” is relative…..it depends on what it is next to!!!

She showed numerous quilts but this was probably my favorite…..

My friend Sheila has made MANY Pyramid quilts and she assures me that they are easy to make…..maybe I will have to try one and see!!

The second class was “Design A Quilt in Five Easy Steps” by Latifah Saafir. She presented the process as a circular one…..

….starting with asking what the purpose of the quilt will be, then imagining the color combinations, design styles, etc. Then on to planning how the quilt will come together. followed by actually creating the quilt. Finally you look for ways to improve your ideas for the next time!!

Then she created a quilt while we watched and based it on suggestions from the participants. It was amazing to see her work and to create this wonderful pattern in just 20 minutes…..

She encouraged us to each think about “What is my personal design signature”….ie….can someone look at one of my quilts and KNOW that it is mine!! Interesting to think about!!!

So, two classes down and two more to go. I can’t wait!!!

Classes and lectures are closed but you can still get a Quilt Show Pass and enjoy the contest quilts. Check it out!!