Sampler Quilting…..FINISHED!

Last week I presented two posts about FMQing a fun sampler quilt.

Today, let’s get it finished up!!!!

For this first block, I started out with the “Squiggy” ruler to design some outlines….

….and then used “Petunia” to fill in some petals…..

It ended up a little funky but I really liked the finished block…..

I had left these last two blocks for last because I simply couldn’t come up with an idea of how to quilt them…..

I wanted to exaggerate the diagonal in both so started by using a wavy ruler to quilt down the center of the first block and then echoed it several times…..

After I got tired of waves, I switched to a straight-edge ruler and added some straight lines on the diagonals.

Then is it was more waves and finally more straight lines……

It was super easy, fast, and fun!!!

I used the same principle for the last block, quilting half the blocks in a wave and the other half in straight-lines……

I wanted to finish the quilt with a Ribbon Candy design but didn’t want it to be so wide. To fix the problem I used the straight-edge ruler to add lines 1/2-inch from each edge and then quilted Ribbon Candy in the center section…..

Here is the finished quilt……

This has been a fun process to quilt this project. I found that it was easy to come up with designs to use and the actual quilting was a breeze.

I have spent so much time practicing that it was good to actually QUILT something!!!

Now I can’t wait to finish the next top so that I have more to quilt!!

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Four (actually 5) more blocks….

Yesterday I posted about quilting the first four blocks of my friend, Diane’s sampler quilt.

Here are the next ones……

These triangles called out for point-to-point arcs…..

….but the FUN happened when I added in a loopy meander…..

If you have read my blog for very long, you will know that ALL of my meanders eventually turn into LOOPY ones!!!

I used more Point-to-point arcs for the next block, although I could have done better on the spacing!!!

To fill in the background, I quilted four feathers that curved around the point!!

I am SO thankful for Angela Walters’ FMQ Feather Challenge. I went in knowing NOTHING and came out feeling okay about feathers!!

Here is the wrap-up post…..

Next, it was time for some more Echo and Arc designs…..

I wanted the inside of the triangles and chevrons to be 1/4-inch inside the block and not be a slanted Dot-to-Dot design, but I did NOT want to break thread every time.

Instead, I sewed a short “entryway” into each of the shapes…..

I don’t think that detract from the design and sure made it easier to execute!!

The last one for today is a simple block with an overall clamshell design…..

It took a bit of time to figure out how to do the edges, but I think that it turned out okay!!

Since we are on a roll, let’s do one more block!!!

I started out with arcs in this “Sawtooth Star” block…..

….. but added some straight lines to fill in the spaces…..

I really like how this traingle looks!!!

So……we have seen 9 of the 12 blocks. Since the next few days will be full of holiday fun, come back next week as we finish the quilt!!!

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Thank you…….

Sampler Quilting Fun

Back in August, I posted about finishing a quilt top that was started by a friend who had recently passed away…..

I then sent this on to another friend who was going to longarm quilt it.

BUT, the more that I thought about it, I REALLY wanted to custom quilt this top so I requested it back again.

As I started thinking about patterns, I first took photos of each block individually and pulled them into “Procreate” on my iPad. One night I spent a couple of hours doodling on the blocks and trying to get ideas of how to quilt each one.

I start out by quilting the inside sashing so it would stabilize the quilt while I worked on it. I posted about this quilting design……

As I sat down to do each block, I would pull up my ideas on the iPad that was sitting next to the machine….

….pick a thread for the block……

…and get to it!!!

In this first block, I used only a straight-edge ruler and kept things pretty simple, using lots of Dot-to-Dot designs…..


The next block I kept REALLY simple…..just straight lines following the “Square-in-a-Square” layout….

I did add one extra bit to the center and quilted a flower in the middle…..

Notice that I made that square smaller before I added the detail.

The third block stayed simple, but I switched to an arc ruler (Angela Walters’ “Smiley”)…..

I quilted LOTS and LOTS of Arcs!!!

Block four used a bunch of arcs too…..

….but it needed something more in the background so I quilted a Paisley Meander…..

Okay….it is 1/3rd finished!!! Come back tomorrow as we look at 4 more blocks!!

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