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Sampler Quilting…..FINISHED!

Last week I presented two posts about FMQing a fun sampler quilt.

Today, let’s get it finished up!!!!

For this first block, I started out with the “Squiggy” ruler to design some outlines….

….and then used “Petunia” to fill in some petals…..

It ended up a little funky but I really liked the finished block…..

I had left these last two blocks for last because I simply couldn’t come up with an idea of how to quilt them…..

I wanted to exaggerate the diagonal in both so started by using a wavy ruler to quilt down the center of the first block and then echoed it several times…..

After I got tired of waves, I switched to a straight-edge ruler and added some straight lines on the diagonals.

Then is it was more waves and finally more straight lines……

It was super easy, fast, and fun!!!

I used the same principle for the last block, quilting half the blocks in a wave and the other half in straight-lines……

I wanted to finish the quilt with a Ribbon Candy design but didn’t want it to be so wide. To fix the problem I used the straight-edge ruler to add lines 1/2-inch from each edge and then quilted Ribbon Candy in the center section…..

Here is the finished quilt……

This has been a fun process to quilt this project. I found that it was easy to come up with designs to use and the actual quilting was a breeze.

I have spent so much time practicing that it was good to actually QUILT something!!!

Now I can’t wait to finish the next top so that I have more to quilt!!

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