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State of the Studio – 2022

On New Years’ Eve I always write a “State of the Studio” post where I can look back at the body of work that I have completed during the year.

There have been years where I only had two or three things to talk about but thankfully that isn’t the case for 2022. It has been a GREAT creative year!!

(If you click on any of the photos below, it will take you to one of the posts about that particular project.)

Where to start…..

At 11:45pm on December 31st, 2021, I put the last stitches in this quilt to be given to my friend Marnie. It was named “Wellspring” and was delivered to her on January 1!!

In February, I presented a new pattern using fabrics from the “Into The Woods” collection from Sarah Watson…..

This pattern is available HERE

Later in February, I posted about finishing the “Macaron” Mystery quilt top. Although I wasn’t happy with my fabric choices, it made a nice donation quilt…..

In March I finished the Angela Walters “Free Motion Feather Challenge…..

I certainly feel a lot better about quilting feathers after finishing and entire quilt with them!!!

Also in March, I began the “Simple Sawtooth Star” quilting challenge……

…initially providing a free pattern for the top and then week-by-week instructions for quilting each block.

All of this instruction, including the free pattern is still available HERE

In June it was time to make a baby quilt for sweet Charlotte…..

And, then I got to thinking about a painting that I had shown as an inspiration, and the “Botero Flower Garden” came from that idea…..

During the summer months I worked thru another of Angela Walters FMQ Challenges….

I finally got around to quilting my “Woodpile” quilt and then had SO much fun photographing it at the Botanic Garden…..

Also, during the summer I began piecing on “Star Explosion”….my entry in the Ruby and Bee Fabric Challenge from the Modern Quilt Guild. It was finished in September and entered in the Challenge…..

I have heard that it was accepted and will hang at QuiltCon in February….I am so excited!!

While I was working on that quilt, I also started playing with scraps to make Charity quilts, working with “Square-In-A-Square” blocks. There were two quilts that came out of this play time but my favorite was “Dancing Squares”. I liked it so much that I turned it into a free pattern…..

You will receive this pattern when you sign up for my newsletter which can be done HERE

I also found a “Whirlpool” pattern and made this fun top for Charity…..

In preparing for my guild “Bargello Challenge”, I made two simple Bargello quilts…..

…leading to my challenge quilt entitled “Flowers Will Bloom Again”…..

“Flowers Will Bloom Again”

Finally, it was time to make a quilt for my future grandson (now known as Archer)….

The last finish of the year has been quilting a Sampler Quilt that my friend Diane had started…..

Another quilt has been finished….Marnie’s Guitar, but I haven’t posted about the finish yet so will save it for 2023!!

It has been interesting to look at my Stats for 2022……

I had 81,163 views of my blog and website.

The most viewed post was a silly one with a Snuffy Smith Cartoon

Next was a tip about storing broken needles and pins.

In third place was a post that I do every year about rolling quilts for storage. It is ALWAYS a popular one!!

I have seen my audience grow in 2022 and I am thankful to each person who reads, responds or subscribes to my blog.

So….if you haven’t subscribed, please do it today so that you don’t miss a single post.

I hope that you enjoy your New Years’ Eve…..Stay Safe…..and I will see you in 2023!!!!

4 thoughts on “State of the Studio – 2022

  1. Thank you for sharing a recap of this last year. I’m the recipient of the first quilt given in 2022. I am also the co creator of the One of a Kind guitar that we completed earlier this month. Thank you for sharing your talents with so many of us. Happy New Year, can’t wait to see what 2023 looks like.

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