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Quilting the jungle….

Yesterday I posted about designing the quilt top and back for my first grandchild’s baby quilt. Needless to say, I was smiling the whole time!!

The real fun came when it was time to quilt it!!

I started out with the lion’s face and mane…..

I was excited to see that the swirl designs were perfect for the mane and paisley designs worked for the lion’s body…..

The crocodile needed some scales to go along with his red toenails…..

I had lots of fun adding a loopy meander to the giraffe…..

The elephant needed some echoes…..

…..and the sky was quilted with a basic meander…..

The final quilt looked great…..

….and the little monkey on the back was so cute…..

When Jenny opened the present, she saw this monkey first and said “It looks like Moochie” (Moochie was the stuffed monkey that she LIVED with for many years). It made my heart so full to hear that!!!

Here is the photo that made the day perfect…..

Now we just need a baby boy to go with it!!!

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