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Do Your Square’s Dance??

I posted a short time ago about my boring Square-in-a-square quilt and the way that I found to make it less boring……

I enjoyed making this quilt and realized that it would make a simple pattern…..

……so I wrote it!!

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Once I finished this quilt, I wanted to play further so, after I made the Square-In-A-Square blocks, I decided to change the straight square blocks a bit.

I started with a 2.5-inch square and added a border on two sides of the square……

….and then a border on the opposite sides……

After that, I treated them as normal squares, adding the background strips to each side and then alternating them with the “S-I-A-S” blocks.

I like how the design turned out……

The additional light blue border adds a bit more sparkle to the quilt!!

I wouldn’t mind playing further with the design to see if I can make those squares go “WILD AND CRAZY”!!!

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