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Wellspring Quilting

As I posted last week, the top was finished….

….and it was time to quilt.

The problem here is that it was December 31st and I wanted to give this as a gift on New Year’s Day!!!


When it came down to it, I really didn’t have any ideas about how to quilt this design. I had recently purchased a roll of “Quilter’s Preview Paper” (which I will review in March),

and now quickly threw it down on the quilt top and started drawing.

After some stop-and-go planning, I had the basic idea that I wanted to quilt this pinwheel something like this…..

….and do the larger whirlwind like this…..

BUT, if I used those two designs, I ended up with the green triangles above being un-quilted and that wouldn’t do!!

As I played with it more, I realized that I could include those two triangles as part of the pinwheel quilting, resulting in something like this….

The entire inside of the quilt was done with rulers…. the “leaf” shapes in the whirlwind blocks were done with a Westalee ruler and the straight lines were done with a straight edge ruler. .

I was able to make a video of the quilting of the whirlwind block…..

But, I got in a hurry to finish and never filmed the pinwheel block….sorry!!

When it came to the borders, it was 7:oopm and I was seriously running out of time!!

I started out with a “ribbon candy” design in the purple border….

I have been working thru Angela Walters “Fabulous Feathers” challenge and decided to GO FOR IT!!

It was some fast and furious quilting, but I put the last stitch in the binding at 11:45pm on December 31st!!!

That gave me 15 minutes to do a quick clean of the studio and start 2022 ready to begin some new projects!!

I delivered the quilt on January 1st and was pleased with her excitement about the gift!! I pray that it will comfort her during this month of rest and recuperation.

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4 thoughts on “Wellspring Quilting

  1. I loved the quilt and it has provided more than warmth and comfort this month as I have followed it’s creation on Quilts and Other Stuff. Such a beautiful gift that will be enjoyed for years to come. Thank you my dear friend.

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